─ LEGAT 1903

Venčac Winemaking Cooperative, founded in 1903, is the synonym for the beginning of winegrowing and winemaking in Serbia.

On the foundations of family values and rich history, inspired by the experience of ancestors, as the legacy crown, the winery ‘LEGAT 1903’ was created, which produces top-quality wines of refined taste LEGAT 1903.

─ Wines Legat 1903


With a distinctly fruity aroma, the nose of Chardonnay possesses intense aromas of ripe pear, yellow apple and quince, with mild aromas of smoke and vanilla in the background.

In terms of flavour, Chardonnay wines have an unusually strong fruity character of ripe yellow fruit, creamy texture and aroma of biscuit, smoke, toast and vanilla. It has medium acidity and a long fruity finish dominated by the aroma of ripe pear.

Harvest 2021.  | alk. 14% vol | 0,75 l

─ Wines Legat 1903


The great vintage of 2021 gave birth to this truly fantastic variety of Viognier, which attracted the attention of the domestic public in record time, and already after its first vintage. The notes of this wine are dominated by typical aromas of ripe peaches, pears, apples, apricots, and aromas of herbs and flowers.

Viognier has an intense flavour, explicitly fruity, the intense aroma and the taste, complex, with white fruits, which are accompanied by fine floral and herbal notes, as well as mild aroma of smoke and toast (as a result of the aging of part of the wine in French oak barrels). Full-bodied, strong, concentrated, rich white wine, with medium acidity, with fine, mineral, slightly salty finish.

Harvest 2021.  | alk. 14% vol  | 0,75 l

─ Wines Legat 1903

Muscat Petit Grain

Dry Muscat vintage 2022 is characterized primarily by aromas of apples, peaches, gooseberries, cocoa and white flowers and fine, vibrant acidity. A medium-bodied wine with moderate alcohol and a pleasant fruity finish.

Harvest 2022.  | alk. 13,5% vol  | 0,75 l

─ Wines Legat 1903

Pinot Noir


About vineyard

The winery has 17 hectares of vineyards at 390 meters above sea level planted with Muscat Petit Grain, Viognier, Chardonnay, Pinot Nior and Merlot varieties.