─ Legat 1903, Banja

Restaurant within the winery

Two restaurants are planned as part of the new winery, which will be available to visitors. One has a capacity of 40 seats, where guests will have the opportunity to indulge in exotic food and wine pairing that will be inspired by a combination of local-seasonal and international cuisine. The other restaurant, which will have a capacity of 200 seats, will offer national and regional cuisine.

Everything shall be accompanied by the excellent selection of wines from Serbia, the region and world-famous wine regions.

Plan highlights


The elegant and modern style interior of the restaurant is in harmony with the decoration of the entire winery.

Plan highlights


The open part of the restaurant will provide a unique experience and view of the countryside surrounding the winery.

─ Legat 1903 Winery Restaurant

Working hours

Mon - Fri

─ Legat 1903 Winery Restaurant

In numbers

Food and wine pairing
40 seats
National and regional cuisine
200 seats

─ Legat 1903, Belgrade

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