─ LEGAT 1903

The old winery of the Venčac Cooperative, which for several decades was part of the system Navip – Venčac vineyards, was built on the terraces. In 2017, preparations for the planting of new varieties began.

─ Traditional cultivation

Legat 1903 vineyard

The vineyard was replanted in 2018, with the standard trellis model of planting and cultivation in the form of a single-layer cordon, under the guidance of professor Nebojša Marković and agronomist Nikola Radovanović.

Even today, they are in charge of the maintenance of 16 hectares of vineyards, following the calendar and schedules of the farmers.

We take care of every detail in this complex micro-ecosystem that the vineyard represents.

─ Recommended assortment

Varieties of grapes in vineyards

Based on the soil samples, altitude, soil type, climate, wind direction and amount of precipitation, a recommended assortment was selected, while the planting material was procured from France.

  • 1.5 ha of Muscat Petit Grain, a variety with the highest potential of the Muscat grape varieties.
  • 3 ha of Viognier, a variety with fantastic potential for delicate, rich, full-bodied wines.
  • 6 ha of Chardonnay, the most popular white grape variety today.
  • 3 ha of Pinot Noir, one of the most demanding and mysterious varieties in the world of wine
  • 2.5 ha of Merlot, an elegant, refined grape variety from Bordeaux.
With the revival of the pioneering spirit of the Venčac Cooperative winery, we refine the vineyards, modernizes the distillery and the wine cellar.