─ LEGAT 1903

The winery has 17 hectares of vineyards at 390 meters above sea level planted with Muscat Petit Grain, Viognier, Chardonnay, Pinot Nior and Merlot varieties.

The first harvest was in 2021 and at the end of 2022, when three varietal white wines and one red wine were presented to the market for the first time.


In the 2022 began the reconstruction of the old cellar from 1931, turning it into a modern boutique winery with a capacity of 70,000 liters, which will also include a mini cinema hall and a museum with the rich archive of the Venčac Cooperative that will be exhibited as witnesses of glorious times that inspire and oblige us in the modern era of the winery.


With the revival of the pioneering spirit of Venčac Cooperative winery and sophisticated catering, accommodation and relaxation offer, we complete the unique experience of the WINERY LEGAT 1903 as a destination, but also as a symbol of Serbian spirit and true values.

Since ancient times

Cellar of Venčac Cooperative

The cellar, the place where the grapes are collected and processed in a single place, was initially one of the most important items of the Cooperative ever since its establishment.

During most of the first years of operation, the great success of hardworking farmers created the need for a cellar with significantly higher capacity. In 1911, a decision was made to build a modern cellar with three floors, according to the designs of members of the Cooperative who travelled during that period and brought back the knowledge and experience of the leading European manufacturing countries.

Unfortunately, the Balkan and the First World War completely stopped the production of wine and the construction of the cellar. The cellar, which was only completed in 1931, was one of the most modern wine cellars in the Balkans at that time. It had a glass vessel reinforced with concrete, with a capacity of 70,000 thousand liters, which was made to special order in France. The premises housed 280 barrels with a capacity of 5,000 liters and 1,200 barrels with a capacity of 50 to 2,000 liters. The largest was the barrel of 11,360 liters.

In 2022 began the reconstruction of an old cellar and distillery which, among other things, will have tasting rooms, two restaurants, a humidor-fireplace room, a spa center, a mini cinema, a museum dedicated to the rich history of the Cooperative.